Donna Draper

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CEASE Therapy

The treatment of Autism, Autistic Spectrum Diseases and other Modern Diseases with Homeopathy 

The CEASE approach to treating autism….

“…stands out among many others for its clarity, simplicity, and, perhaps most importantly, its focus on cause. The fact that it costs a fraction of some other therapies is a bonus and makes it accessible to parents staggering under the cost of treating their autistic child”. 

…J.B. Handley, Co-Founder Generation Rescue – Jenny McCarthy’s autism organisation, in the foreword to Dr.Tinus Smits’ book – 

‘Autism Beyond Despair – Cease Therapy – Homeopathy has the answers’

The therapy was developed by Dutch Homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits, who, until his untimely death in early April 2010, had successfully treated over 300 autistic children, many of whom totally recovered from autism. All of those treated saw improvements in their symptoms and consequently their quality of life and that of their families.

Dr. Smits’ work is being continued and evolved by a growing number of fully trained CEASE practitoners who have been intensively trained and examined by Tinus Smit’s colleagues, Dutch Homeopaths Ton Jansen and Dr An van Veen. Both of these exceptional homeopaths have added valuable information to this therapy from their own extensive experience in treating autistic children.  

The CEASE Therapy consists of systematic detoxification and elimination of causative factors that contribute to the illness, which can include vaccinations, medications, environmental toxins. The detoxification is done using homeopathic preparations and selected dietary supplements.

The whole process takes commitment, patience and a basic understanding of how the body heals itself, but the rewards are acknowledged by the many parents and children who have been involved in this therapy.

Follow this link to Tinus Smit’s website to read about some of his successful cases: