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What a beautiful day!! Connect with the Earth’s Energy …..

CamelliaWhat an absolutely beautiful morning! Crisp, clear and calm with wonderful blue skies and continuous sunshine. Whatever else is going on in the world or in my life, enjoying these incredible days is uplifting and inspiring. The camellia bushes in my garden are, at last, emerging from their winter sleep and are bursting open in a blaze of vibrant, energetic colour. Watching Mother Nature awaken and come to life once again, never fails to fill me with awe and a great sense of humility.

Whilst out walking my dog this morning, I was reflecting on the fact that it won’t be long before I can, once again, walk barefoot in the garden. Living in the UK makes this a bit uncomfortable during the winter months! Connecting with the Earth’s natural energy is such an important thing to do for our health and well-being and something that many of us may not do from one year to another. Generations ago, there was no such thing as synthetic floor coverings, man-made shoes and insulation. We used to walk barefoot or wear leather shoes, we slept on natural fibres on the floor. We were not bombarded with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from all the modern gadgets and gizmo’s that we have all around us these days. These, apparently, everyday necessities come at a cost for most of us and I don’t mean in financial terms.  


Walking barefoot and having direct contact with the Earth allows our bodies to ‘let go’ of the build up of this damaging electrical charge in a natural and energising way. Equally as important is that we are ‘recharged’ by the Earth’s natural, gentle negative charge that can flow into our body.

We are bio-electrical creatures who live on an electrical planet. Many of us ensure that our houses are ‘earthed’ and that electricity is safely discharged into the earth. We should also make sure that we do this for our own bodies too. How many of us sleep with our bed pushed up against the wall? Are there electrical sockets on either side of the bed? Is your head constantly positioned between these sockets? Do you sleep on a bed that stands off the floor and on a carpet that has a rubber underlay or other man-made floor covering? 

There are a lot of studies that show that ‘earthing’ reduces all sorts of health complaints, including poor sleep, inflammatory conditions, chronic pain and fatigue, lack of energy. 

I have slept on an ‘earthing’ sheet for about a year now and can honestly say that my sleep improved and my energy levels improved. I certainly miss my sheet if I have to sleep without it. I also have a couple of earthing mats that I put my feet on when sitting at my desk or relaxing watching the television. These products are a great substitute for connecting to the Earth directly and they do their job very well, but whenever possible it is great to walk barefoot on the Earth, preferably on a wonderful sandy beach or a lush green meadow – but just hanging out the washing in the garden gives me an opportunity the touch base with the Earth! 

I am not sharing this to sell any products … I will leave it up to you to source the right products for you but I definitely advise that you look into the whole ‘earthing’ subject. I think you will find it interesting and worth some thought.

This article from Dr. Mercola’s website is very helpful and gives a short video trailer to an amazing film called The Grounded. Watch it if you can.

Here is another link to an informative website at The Earthing Institute.

There are many different companies offering ‘earthing’ products and there are many videos on You Tube about the subject. Get informed – it just might make a difference to your health.

asyra plus computer


For those of you who have read a bit about me, you will know that I am a Holistic Practitioner using, amongst other therapies, Bio-Energetic health screening – this is a system that reads and assesses the energy in the body and detects imbalances and deficiencies. Have a look at my previous article about Asyra Health Screening to find out more and check out my webpage.

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Asyra Bio-Energetic Screening

Homeopathy is an energetic and dynamic method of medicine that works on so many levels. Throughout my life and career, I have never stopped asking the ‘why’ question; an approach to life that has afforded me insights into some fascinating areas of research, healing and knowledge. I am now a fully trained Asyra Bio-Energetic Health Screening practitioner and I now offer this service alongside and complementary to my homeopathic consultations.

What is Asyra Computerised Electro-dermal (Bio-Energetic)Screening?

Firstly, let me say that the whole investigative procedure using the Asyra is painless and non- invasive. The software used in the Asyra is based on NASA technology that has been adapted for the healthcare market. It is FDA approved and used worldwide by medical and holistic practitioners. Its vast and comprehensive, state of the art, database contains amongst many other things; homeopathic, herbal and nutritional information. The database is constantly being expanded and revised to meet the needs of our fast changing environment, habits and knowledge.

Electro-dermal screening evaluates the energetic state of the body, showing any imbalances or energy impedances and is able to determine which substances affect these energy meridians (channels) and which remedies or other substances are needed to bring the body back into balance. The whole process supports the judgement and experience of the qualified homeopath. The process does not provide a medical diagnosis. See for more information about the technology and how it works.

I have now been using the Asyra in my practice regularly during the majority of consultations, and I have been very pleased with the results, as have my patients. I have been quite amazed at some of the things that the Asyra has indicated and how they have been confirmed by other means, e.g. blood tests or patient acknowledgement of previously unmentioned conditions. I have used this latest technology to enhance my ability as a homeopath and have utilised the facilities available to me in the Asyra  to augment my skills in helping people to rebalance their health to become fit and well.