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Drug free, natural and effective pain relief. Modern, advanced technology using SCENAR.

images (2)I’m sure that many of you won’t have ever heard of  SCENAR pain relief treatment , but if you suffer from any sort of pain or know someone who does then this article may be of interest to you. SCENAR is a modern method of pain relief, that uses advanced technology to generate a natural healing response from the body.


It actually ‘jump-start’s’  the body’s own natural healing processes by sending messages to the brain, telling it to produce and send pain neutralising compounds to the site of the problem. Using electro-stimulation on the skin and a very sophisticated electronic feedback, the SCENAR continuously monitors the area of pain and sends messages back to the brain so that it is able to adjust the treatment accordingly.

It can be used to help both acute and chronic pain. It does not involvimages (6)e any form of manipulation. It is a ‘pain – less’ treatment with a ‘pain-free’ outcome.

This month I have used SCENAR to help an acute sciatic back pain where the lady could hardly walk before the therapy session but was able to bend down and put her shoes on after just one treatment. Using SCENAR, I have relieved the pain and improved the mobility in a severe case of contracture of the hands (Dupuytren’s type condition) where the man had previously been kept awake at nights from the pain. A young lady with a chronic tennis elbow that she had suffered from for years was cleared up in three treatments – using only the SCENAR and a few supporting homeopathic remedies.

I have used SCENAR effectively to help pain from various causes, including cancer, sporting injuries and chronic conditions. If you would like to know more, start by visiting my webpage at: SCENAR Therapy.

For additional background information you can visit the Ritmedic website – the manufacturer of my SCENAR device, the original and genuine equipment.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to more. 

‘Life is Getting Better’


Spring is on it’s way … new beginnings, new energy and new focus!


It brings joy to the heart and lifts the soul to see the stunning beauty of the recently emerged snowdrops and the vibrant colours of the daffodils on my daily ‘dog walk’.

Despite all the dreadful weather with the unrelenting rain, nature has a wonderful way of reminding us that it is possible to rebound from adversity, often in a stronger and more energised way.

Fortunately, the problems suffered in my immediate locality. from the incessant storms, paled into insignificance in comparison to the misfortune of others in the country, or even elsewhere in the county of Kent.

The energy of the awakening of Mother Nature is almost palpable and I know that I am resonating with some of those energy frequencies. As you will see, I have totally revamped these blog pages. Much has happened since I first tentatively dipped my toe into the sea of internet blogging, a good few years ago. I have come to recognise and appreciate the value and necessity of connecting through this medium.

It is my intention to ‘blog’ on a regular basis on various topics, covering natural and holistic health issues, homeopathy, life style issues, organic and environmental topics and any other thing I find interesting or worthy of sharing!

If you would like to join me on this new journey, please follow my blog. If there any particular topics you’d like me to cover from a healthcare or homeopathic point of view, do let me know.

Until next time, stay safe, be healthy … Life is Getting Better!!