Donna Draper

Homeopath & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Relaunch of my website

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I have been busy over the summer, recreating my website. If you have got to this blog from anywhere apart from my website – have a look at !!

Although I have learnt a tremendous amount about computers over the years, the world of websites and how to maximise their usefulness and appeal is a new area of learning for me.

I am keen to reach out with the ‘homeopathic’ message to anyone who is receptive to or is seeking the information.

I am yet to be convinced how social networking can enhance my life (or business) – but, as always, I am willing to learn and be convinced!

I am going to try and keep this blog reasonably up to date and post some items that you may find interesting or informative.

Author: Donna Draper

I am an experienced Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. My primary qualification is as a Homeopath but I offer Bio-Energetic screening to all my clients. I am a trained SCENAR therapist - a modern, advanced system of pain relief. Consultations can be in person, via the internet and on the telephone.

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