Donna Draper

Homeopath & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner


Are you looking for some different options for your healthcare that are safe, effective and natural?

Do you feel overwhelmed or confused by all possibilities and choices that are available?

Maybe you are wondering who you can trust to point you in the right direction?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!!

free-printable-mothers-day-card-child-flowersAs a Holistic Healthcare practitioner, I know that to keep as healthy as possible, it is important to maintain balance and harmony in our bodies and in our lives.  I also know that this is not always easy to do. We all have many stresses in our lives that deplete our energy or weaken our immune systems.  We are continuously exposed to toxins from many sources and sometimes it is difficult to know what to do for the best.

My belief,  backed up with years of experience as a Homeopath, is that the way to regain health and stay fit is to have a holistic approach to healing.  Stimulating the body to activate it’s own natural healing processes is the most powerful and effective way of doing this. All of the therapies that I use in my practice, do exactly this.

You can find information about all the therapies that I specialise in by selecting from the different tabs above. You will also find information about me and what I can offer you.

If you are not sure if your health problems can be helped or what sort of help would be most useful, then have a look here. Alternatively, get in touch with me for a free, no obligation 15 minute chat …. see all the ways you can get in touch HERE.

 Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own healing ability to restore and maintain Natural Good Health!

Good health is not accidental or just ‘lucky’ – Good health is your right! – Good health should be your natural state!